About The Lab

We use data and information systems to transform and enhance the ways people get and stay healthy.

Mission of Khurshid Labs

Our goal is to use technology to innovate and improve healthcare.

Our research projects promote community-based and person-centered care, where the individual and family are at the center of treatment and their treatment services and medical records are accessible and integrated. Our projects focus on developing new models of care that will improve the health of Central Texas residents, particularly for marginalized communities. We rely heavily on our partnerships with local community members and organizations to accomplish our work.

Research for Community Impact

We support local social service and healthcare providers and networks to deliver better care – both at the individual and population levels.

Our team partners with front-line providers and community members and respect them as the experts in care delivery and lived experience. We work closely with providers and patients to understand how our research ideas and proposed solutions fit into the real world, using our own expertise in evaluation, technology, health systems, clinical decision support tools, and patient data privacy.

The Khurshid Labs is led by Dr. Anjum Khurshid, as the Principal Investigator of the listed projects. However, this research is made possible by a highly motivated and professional research team in the Department of Population Health at Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin that works closely with outstanding partners and collaborators.