SHIP: Social and Health Information Platform

As much as 90% of our overall health is determined not by clinical factors, but by social, behavioral, and environmental factors – also known as social determinants of health (SDoH)

FHIRedApp: Leading Edge Acceleration Projects

Getting access to one’s own health records can be difficult – often your health record is fragmented, with different pieces of it held by different providers, and there is typically a lengthy “authorization to release” process that involves paper forms…

Connxus: Central Texas Health Information Exchange

The Connxus (formerly ICC, the Integrated Care Collaboration) is the Health Information Exchange (HIE) for the Greater Austin/Central Texas area. HIEs organize and store electronic health information of patients across multiple providers and hospitals in one place, allowing doctors, pharmacists, EMTs and other providers to access a more complete record of patients’ medical information in a quick, secure, consistent, and cost-effective manner.

MediLinker: A Blockchain-based Identity Management System

Electronic medical records (EMRs) contain a patient’s highly sensitive private information, including personally identifiable information and their healthcare records. However, these EMRs are created, maintained, and stored across multiple hospitals and healthcare providers, creating “data silos” and fragmented EMRs…

Texas Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Our research on pediatric blood lead prevention is a collaborative effort between the Texas Department of State and Human Services Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (TX CLPPP), the Department of Population Health at Dell Medical School, and the Moody College…