Emerging Technology Projects

Blockchain for HIV PReP Services (PrEPLinker)

PrEPLinker is a tool that uses blockchain technology to allow patient and providers to securely share data related to delivery of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) services. RIDE is working with the Houston Health Department on designing the application and planning a pilot study, which will also inform the TestLinker project.

Blockchain-based HIV Testing (TestLinker)

We are working with the Houston Health Department to pilot a blockchain-based applications for individuals to securely and privately share their positive or negative HIV test results with other medical providers or potential partners.

Blockchain for Healthcare (MediLinker)

MediLinker piloted the idea of using blockchain technology to securely and reliably pass simulated patient data using a personal medical data repository. This project also enhanced the UI/UX of the MediLinker app, and laid the foundation for the PrEPLinker and TestLinker projects.

Exploring the Feasibility of a National HIE Network

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of regional and state HIEs in building and maintaining the population health infrastructure required to share and receive health data in a reliable and timely manner. Building on that momentum, this study will establish a workgroup of HIE leaders from across the country to explore the feasibility of establishing a national network of HIEs utilizing new technical innovations and updated legal and regulatory requirements.