Matti Hautala

Research Manager Department of Population Health, Dell Medical School

Matti Hautala is a research project manager for the Social and Health Information Platform in the Khurshid Lab, focusing on the integration of social service and health care data in clinics. 

Hautala has a background in providing mental health and crisis intervention services to youth and adults from underserved and historically marginalized communities. In addition to his previous work as a social worker, Hautala has done extensive data evaluation and program development in both the mental health and juvenile justice diversion fields, most recently working as the director of operations for 37 juvenile justice diversion and re-entry programs across seven states. 

Hautala is now focused on using the experiences and insights he gained working in direct service and program evaluation to inform his current research on SDoH and health informatics. Ultimately, the goal is to improve, innovate and transform care delivery in Central Texas to be more equitable and accessible.