Vidya Lakshminarayanan

Vidya Lakshminarayanan is Assistant Director, Research and Innovation, at the Dell Medical School. She has been a key player in assisting Integrated Care Collaboration (a local Health Information Exchange) with their day to day operations, new project intakes and refining their policies around data release. In addition, she has been a key player in the development of innovative health information technology, including a mobile patient engagement platform and a community-wide integrated data platform.

Prior to joining Dell Med, Vidya was the Product Manager at the Austin Independent School District where she led the design and implementation of an advanced case management system that allowed district staff and external community-based organizations to exchange FERPA protected data in a secure environment to better understand the impact of various interventions on the students. Vidya also led the work of integrating student health information system with the advanced case management system, allowing the health staff to make data informed decisions and share student’s health information with academic staff on a need-to know basis.