Daniel Harrell
Technical Project Manager

Daniel Toshio Harrell, PhD is a Research Associate for blockchain-related project in the Khurshid Lab focusing on uses of blockchain technology and self-sovereign identity management platforms for healthcare use-cases.

Daniel is a native Austinite and after living abroad for a decade, he came home and is excited to contribute Dell Medical School’s mission. He has a background in project management, medical research, and software engineering. Prior to Dell Med, Daniel worked as a software test engineer for Hewlett-Packard and was a graduate student, where he studied the genetic causes of inherited arrhythmia such as short QT syndrome. As a research fellow at Nagasaki University-Institute of Tropical Medicine (Japan), he helped design and implement a health information and vaccination tracking system for maternal and child health care clinics in rural Kenya and Laos. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from UT-Austin and a doctorate in medical science from Nagasaki University-Graduate School of Biomedical Science.